New Photo Booth Rental Options

The New Photo Booth at

We have modified the photo booth and created something new and a little bit more appealing and WEDDING READY.

The New Photo Booth, which we are naming the Texas Sized Party Booth looks much more like a traditional photo booth but still, portability is our primary concern. It’s really hard to combine Good looks, portability, durability, and ease of use and make something easy to set up.

I have a background in CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) so it was easy to conceive an idea and put it to good use.

The end result?

A great looking, portable photo booth that you can rent out at your next event.

Pictures of the NEW Photo Booth!

NEW Photo Booth Picture Curtain Closed NEW Photo Booth Picture Curtain opened angled view NEW Photo Booth Picture Curtain opened side view

Photo Booth Success!! We Love you Photo Booth!

Well our photo booth has gone out to a few events since the launch of this website and we still get a warm and fuzzy feeling before, during and after an event.

People love the photo booth and the hosts, the people who rent the photobooth, are very grateful and glad they rented the photobooth.

We still get questions over and over on how the photobooth works. Once I explain how it works they feel a lot better about renting it out. I guess it’s normal, this is still a new phenomenon and people want to make sure it works exactly like the ones at the malls. Of course, they also want to know what their options are and approximately how many pictures will they get in a 2 hour session.

We are still getting the comments; “what a neat idea, we have never seen one of these before.” And as stated earlier; “The photo booth was a great success. We are sure glad we decided to rent it. EVERYONE just loved it and waited in (a long) line to take their pictures.”

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using our contact form or by sending an email to frank-[at]

Hope you can find a great use for our photo booth!!


Photo Booth in Houston for Birthday Parties 20% OFF

Photo Booth SPECIAL 20% Discount for August 2008.

Reserve our Photo Booth this month for your upcoming BIRTHDAY Party and receive a 20% Discount and we will give you a CD with all the pictures of that day’s event.

So you get all these benefits:

  1. UNLIMITED photos for the duration of your event. Your guests can enjoy the photo booth without having to worry about spending unnecessary additional money.
  2. Your Choice of Black and White or Color Photos.
  3. Your Choice of 2 strips of 4 pictures or a grid of 4 pictures on a 4″x6″ Index Card.
  4. INSTANT party Favors!!!
  5. 4 people can comfortably enter the photo booth and take their picture!
  6. On-Site Technician!
  7. 60 Day Password Protected Web Page!
  8. Free Personalized Banner with your choice of text/words. Ex. “John’s Birthday Party September 6th, 2008.”
  9. BOOK BEFORE AUGUST 31st FOR: 20% Discount!
  10. BOOK BEFORE AUGUST 31st FOR: All Images on a CD
  11. BOOK BEFORE AUGUST 31st FOR: 60 additional Days of a Password Protected Web Page! (total of 120 Days)

The terms are:

  • You must reserve the boot before August 31st, 2008
  • The photo booth must be available for your day and times.
  • The photo booth rental is a minimum of 2 hours.

Francisco Perez
Photo Booth Rentals in Houston

Cute Photo Booth Template

Wanna make your own photo booth strips?

  1. Use any digital camera
  2. Place it in a tripod or any flat surface (Make sure it can capture everything)
  3. Set it to automatic / timer picture; I would recommend 10 Seconds
  4. Start the Camera Timer (Usually by pressing the Shutter Button on your camera)
  5. Pose and Hold
  6. (Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for at least 4 Times)
  7. Save the Pictures to your PC (transfer them from your camera to your PC)
  8. Use a Free Picture Strip Template from
  9. Use any Image Editing Software to place your pictures on the Photo Strip (Photoshop, The Gimp, etc…)
  10. Print! You are Done!

Sure, it’s a little more complicated and time consuming, but It will be a lot of fun, almost as much fun as renting a photo booth.


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