Pictures of the Photo Booth!!

Ok, it’s been a while since we’ve updated the pictures of the actual photo booth. Mainly because we have forgotten to take the camera along to take pictures of it.

Many people would love to get an idea of what the actual booth looks likes, so below is a small gallery of what the booth will look like at your fancy wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, corporate party, etc…

As you can see, it’s more like a small photo studio than an actual, classic photo booth.

It’s designed to be…

  1. Portable
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Fit up to 8 people (you have to do some organizing, but it does accommodate 8 smiling faces)
  4. More like a photo studio
  5. Work just like a photo booth
  6. Take 4 sequential photos
  7. Give you a live pre-view so you can get ready
  8. Affordable (last time I checked our competition’s prices start at $1,000)
  9. Able to print high quality, laminated photos

I hope this helps out those who were wondering what the actual photo booth looks like!!!

|o| Simply Frank |o|
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