Locators Expo at the Rice Lofts in the Crystal Ballroom

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Photo Booth Pictures | Locators Expo at the Rice Lofts in the Crystal Ballroom

Elegante Photo Booth at Crystal Ballroom Elegante Photo Booth at Crystal Ballroom Almost done setting up the Elegante Photo Booth Setting Up the Elegante Photo Booth Photo Booth Is Up and Running and waiting for its first user!


These are some photos from our event at the Crystal Ballroom where we provided our photo booth and the client decorated the photo booth with different props and different balloon decorations. There is a full size Marylyn Monroe Pop up display. We provided our Damask Backdrop and red carpet and red curtains to match the hollywood theme they had that day.

This was for the Apartment Locators and there were a lot of fun and upbeat guests ranging from managers and employees from the different apartment locating services around the Houston Area.

Photo Booth Pictures – Latest Photos of our Photo Booths

Photo Booth Image

We wanted to post a few pictures of our photo booths in action… We currently have 5 Photo Booths up and running and they are generally the same concept….

Our Photo Booth Design

We have designed our photo booths with 5 things in mind

  1. Transportability
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Great Quality Prints in seconds
  4. To Look Similar to a traditional Photo Booth
  5. To have the same feel as a traditional Photo Booth

What we have found out, as I had stated in an earlier post, people are not really open to the ‘open booth’ concept. When the ‘open boot’ concept came around, many people jumped on that bandwagon, and luckily with my design, I was able to use my photo booths as an open booth concept, but people complained for a few reasons…

Traditional Photo Booth Vs. The Open Booth Concept

Top Open Booth Complaints

  1. No Privacy!!! (this was the biggest complaint)
  2. We want the traditional photo booth look and feel
  3. Did we mention, There Was No Privacy
    • People wanted to be silly and not have people looking at them
    • People wanted to be romantic and not have the rest of the room/people in line looking at them
    • People just want privacy!

However, I just realized there were no recent pictures with my photo booths on my website, so I’ve been getting a lot of questions of how these look…

Here are the Photo Booth Pictures

Disclaimer: These were taken with my iPhone, so the quality is not the best, but you get a great idea of  how the photo booths look…

[nggallery id=3]

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Photo Booth Rentals are Starting to Get Popular in Houston

“Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this at a wedding!”

Well it’s been over a year since the first time I ever saw a photo booth at a wedding and thought to myself… “Wow, that’s a neat idea, I’ve never seen anything like that at a wedding!”

Last weekend, while the photo booth was at the Four Seasons in Downtown Houston, we were still getting the same comment, “Wow, this is such a great ides, I’ve never seen anything like this at a wedding!”

Photo booths are growing in popularity!

During the last few months, inquiries for photo booths have increased by over 25 percent. People are just anxious to get a photo booth at their wedding or even their next corporate function.

With the holidays getting nearer and nearer and people already booking their December Christmas parties and weddings, people are making sure that we have their date reserved to have a fun and spontaneous photo booth experience at their party.

These things truly are FUN, Unique, and and bring out spontaneous fun in everyone!!

If you are interested in one of our photo booths, which seem to be the most affordable option in the Houston area, please send us an inquiry using any of the forms throughout the website…

We will gladly reply to all emails and if you would love for us to call you back, please specify that in the message and we will give you a call as soon as possible.

Pictures of the Photo Booth!!

Ok, it’s been a while since we’ve updated the pictures of the actual photo booth. Mainly because we have forgotten to take the camera along to take pictures of it.

Many people would love to get an idea of what the actual booth looks likes, so below is a small gallery of what the booth will look like at your fancy wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, corporate party, etc…

As you can see, it’s more like a small photo studio than an actual, classic photo booth.

It’s designed to be…

  1. Portable
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Fit up to 8 people (you have to do some organizing, but it does accommodate 8 smiling faces)
  4. More like a photo studio
  5. Work just like a photo booth
  6. Take 4 sequential photos
  7. Give you a live pre-view so you can get ready
  8. Affordable (last time I checked our competition’s prices start at $1,000)
  9. Able to print high quality, laminated photos

I hope this helps out those who were wondering what the actual photo booth looks like!!!

|o| Simply Frank |o|
Photo Booth Rentals in Houston