Locators Expo at the Rice Lofts in the Crystal Ballroom

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Photo Booth Pictures | Locators Expo at the Rice Lofts in the Crystal Ballroom

Elegante Photo Booth at Crystal Ballroom Elegante Photo Booth at Crystal Ballroom Almost done setting up the Elegante Photo Booth Setting Up the Elegante Photo Booth Photo Booth Is Up and Running and waiting for its first user!


These are some photos from our event at the Crystal Ballroom where we provided our photo booth and the client decorated the photo booth with different props and different balloon decorations. There is a full size Marylyn Monroe Pop up display. We provided our Damask Backdrop and red carpet and red curtains to match the hollywood theme they had that day.

This was for the Apartment Locators and there were a lot of fun and upbeat guests ranging from managers and employees from the different apartment locating services around the Houston Area.

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Photo Booth Rentals in Houston Updates


We’ve been busy all weekend long. We’ve had the pleasure of providing a photo booth at 3 events this past Labor Day Weekend. All of them were weddings and all of them were very Upscale and beautiful weddings.

Shirley Acres Photo Booth Rental on Friday September 4th 2009

The first wedding was at Shirley Acres where we provided a photo booth on Friday September 4th, 2009. People still get such a kick out of the photo booth. Young and Old, everyone that goes into the photo booth cannot help but either smile or burst out laughing at themselves. Add to that natural fun the power of Party Props and you can just imagine the laughter and fun that people get by experiencing their photo booth session. Sometimes 4 photos are not enough so of course the come back for more…

Kim Son on Bellaire Photo Booth Rental on Saturday September 5th 2009

This event was attended by my Brother Tony so I cannot share with you all anything about the booth except for the number of pictures that were taken and a link to view the pictures… Regardless, I imagine it was as fun as any other event that rents our photo booths.

Agave Road Photo Booth Rental on Sunday September 6th 2009

This party was so much fun, since the minute the photo booth was announced the Loooooong line started to form. People immediately ran over (yes some did actually run over to the photo booth) and started to form a line, before you know it there were over 40 people in the line, all waiting their turn to experience a photo booth session. The bride on this event provided her own set of props which ranged from something I would never have imagined, a diver’s mask, to some nice and creative rice hats, to some very fun bride and groom sock puppets.
Happy Booth – ing

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