Photo Party Favors for Your Upcoming Prom

Our photo booth has recently been in high demand for many school, end of year, related activities. It’s a great idea to have a photo booth at your Prom or 8th grade dance. The students will just absolutely love the idea and with unlimited photos and without them having to spend extra money out of pocket, they will use it over and over again and invite as all their friends to share a session with them.

It’s great to be able to take some candid photos with good friends whom you may not see for a loong time after graduation. Some may go to another college in a nother city or state, some may get a great job right out of high school, some just lose contact since school was the only place they really saw each other.

Regardless, having the candid pictures with a logo of the school, or a special message at the bottom will bring back an immediate memory of one of their last times together as high school students!

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