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Photo Booth Rental Company in HoustonWOW!!!!

The requests for the photo booth keep piling up on a day to day basis. Everyone wants to see how the photo booth looks like and everyone wants to know the availability of the booth for their event. Most events that these are in demand for are weddings and I have a few that want the photo booth for birthday parties, one an adult birthday party and a few children parties.

A couple of things about this photo booth. It is a standing photo booth, which means you can save A LOT OF TIME walking in striking a pose and firing the photo sequence away. As opposed to the sit down photo booths, where you walk in, sit down, get ready and start firing the photo shooting sequence. It may seem like a simple, timeless step, but add up the seconds that that takes and multiply it by the number of sessions (approx 60 sessions an hour) and you save a lot of time. If it takes you an average of 5 seconds to sit down and get situated, comfortable, and aligned… then you just lost approx 5 (five) sessions an hour. That’s not 5 people that lost their time in the photo booth, but up to 20.

Also, by standing up, you can allow more people to fit inside the booth and take a picture, comfortable. We recommend that the max group that goes into the photo booth be 4, but up to 8 can fit. TRY THAT on a normal, sitting photo booth!

Pictures will be up later today, they are finally on my PC from my Camera.

UPDATE: Pictures are Here!!!


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Photo Booth in Houston: Right Side ViewPhoto Booth in Houston: Right Side View (Open)Photo Booth in Houston: Courtain Top taken off


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